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Rea Storage Systems

Thompson’s Refrigeration are proud to be able to offer the world famous range of REA plastic shelving systems. This quality, innovative product enjoys a 40 year pedigree, since it’s first conception all those years ago. Since those early days the product, year by year, has been refined, and now is available as many different products, from static storage racks, mobile racks, tray mobiles, trollies, leisure products, all with total hygiene in mind. The benefits that plastic shelving provides, in comparison with metal shelving systems, is that it will never corrode, rust or chip.

The system is extremely easy to clean, light, easy to assemble, with no screws or pegs needed, indeed, a whole rack can be assembled with no tools being needed whatsoever, a standard 2 metre x 4 level racks can be assembled in minutes. Made from high grade synthetic material, will withstand temperatures as low as -40 °C to +80°C, the material is cadmium free, and is totally approved for food use.